Twenty Cases That Hiring An Experienced Wordpress Will Help You

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Is your website ready for Generation Z?

Person looking at website on laptop Gen Z already influences billions of dollars in annual spending and will soon be the driver of every major consumer trend. In fact, it’s predicted that by 2020, Gen Z will constitute 40 percent of all consumers. This presents an incredible opportunity for companies targeting their business and makes a brand’s digital face to the world – their website – the single most important place to express their purpose and deliver value. To effectively reach this younger generation, a brand’s digital experience needs to deliver value by establishing an ongoing dialogue with these stakeholders in an authentic, personalised and secure way. Brands that can’t adapt to the unique needs and behavior of these true digital and mobile natives are likely to fade into obsolescence and miss out on their incredible purchasing power. How can marketers measure a website’s success? To truly impact the bottom line, marketers must ask what website actions drive value, track those actions, and use a blended view of value to inform how to optimise their website. Instead of just tracking conversions, marketers need to look for innovative ways to track the value of those conversions. They need to be able to analyse variables like the sale amount, sale type (new/returning customer), and any other metadata related to the conversion that would give you a complete picture of the value your site is generating. In this manner you’ll be able to more quickly adapt to trends and you’ll be optimising for what’s really important, revenue, and not simply conversions. What are some of the ways that marketers and IT professionals can boost website performance? Using tools like or the WordPress focused, webmasters can identify what specific parts of their site might be causing performance issues. Some of the more common fixes for boosting performance include the use of a content distribution network, optimising the images on your site, and hosting on a performant digital experience platform. With there being such a wide array of marketing technology solutions available today, how will this affect IT decision making?

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